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Re: Studies on post-lingual deafness and speech-reading

Hi Michel,

Having been to a few lip-reading classes I can see there are some for whom teaching lipreading does not help.

Quentin Summerfield writes of arguments in Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc.  London from around 1990 that lipreading is incidental to speech perception skills which we are innately predisposed to pick up. If that incidentally wires with lipreading then ok, if not then. the person will not learn to lipread.

There's a long history of us not understanding what determines lipreading skill that goes back to Jeffers and Barley.

Another view may that the demoralising isolation of not being able to communicate particularly when many new skills are harder to pick-up with age, perhaps due to a loss in neuro plasticity,  renders learning lipreading near impossible for some.

Perhaps a place to start:

I'd be very interested to hear of how modern science has or will address these difficult questions that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands. 

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On 23 Sep 2014, at 07:24, "Michel Hoen" <michel.hoen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear colleagues,


I’m interested in speechreading abilities of post-lingual deaf individuals.

I was wondering if someone knew of or had somewhere data showing how the abilities of speech/lip-reading evolves over time in post-lingual deafness ?

Does anyone of you know if these data exist somewhere ?  Ever heard of such a longitudinal study being ran somewhere ?


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