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Co-author(s) wanted

Dear colleagues,

we are looking for co-author(s) of a planned paper to be submitted to a journal dealing with human perception, cognition about our recent research. It was about a comparative survey between blind and blindfolded sighted participants in different environmental conditions, whether blind people “can hear better or not”. They participated in listening tests, in real-life situations, in the anechoic chamber, in virtual reality etc. Two recent publications were already published as follows:

[1] Wersényi, Gy.: Virtual Localization by Blind Persons. JAES Volume 60 Issue 7/8 pp. 568-579; July 2012

[2] Wersényi, Gy., Répás, J.: PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF BLIND PERSONS IN LISTENING TESTS IN DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS. In Proc. of ICAD14, NYC, USA, 2014 June 23-25. http://vip.tilb.sze.hu/~wersenyi/ICAD2014.pdf

As you can see, both focus on the audio engineering point of view and there is a need to evaluate all the results also from the psychological point of view. As we are not experienced (experimental) psychologist and never published in such journals where the scope is beyond engineering, we would like to invite co-author(s) to contribute to evaluation, literature overview, writing and to exploit the „hidden potential” in this work. We will provide statistical data (T-tests), already collected literature overview and a draft. If you are interested, please e-mail me to: wersenyi@xxxxxx



Széchenyi Istvan University


Dep. of Telecommunications