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Small German speech corpus request

Dear Annamaria Kovacs

This link may be of use to you:-
even though the main corpus is much larger than you need, the Few Talker component is OKLanguages:
Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish
60 speakers per language
20KHz 16bit sampling, anechoic room
5 CDROMs per language
Content: (for each language)
Many Talker Corpus (30 women, 30 men), 100 numbers, 3 passages, 5 sentences, (speech signal)
Few Talker Corpus (5 women and 5 men), 100 numbers x 5, 15 passages, 25 sentences, C(C)VC(V) x 5, (speech + laryngographic signals)
Very Few Talker Corpus (1 woman and 1 man), C(C)VC(V) material embedded in 5 context, phrases., Context words x 5, (speech + laryngographic signals)
Adrian Fourcin

At 12:21 19/05/2014, you wrote:
Dear List Members,

To perform analysis of salient event detection methods in speech with 3 different languages, I would like to ask you, if you have some small (preferably 4 speakers , 2 male, 2 female, 10 sentences for each) German corpus, which you can share with me. In best case it would be studio-quality (in .wav) and native German speakers. It is not a problem to have a bigger corpus, but these are the minimum requirements.
Any help and suggestions are welcomed (perhaps other languages too with the same speaker/sentence properties as above).

Thanks in advance,
Annamaria Kovacs