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Last call: Summer School on Pitch, Music, and Associated Pathologies

A summer school on "Pitch, Music, and Associated Pathologies", will be held in Lyon, France, during three days: July 9-11, 2014.

This summer school is organized jointly by CeLyA and the GDR GRAEC, with the support of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center and the CERCO.

CeLyA is a « laboratoire d'excellence » (LabEx) wich is a virtual lab gathering the research teams working on acoustics and hearing in the Lyon area, funded by the "Investissement d'avenir" program of the French Ministry of Research. One of CeLyA's objective is the dissemination of knowledge in all disciplines of acoustics and hearing sciences. 
The GDR CNRS GRAEC (Groupement de Recherche en Audiologie Experimentale et Clinique) is a network which regroups french national research teams, ETN departments of Hospital and the participation of industrial partners (cochlear implants and hearing aids). 

The public for this summer school will be students and young researchers with various backgrounds in hearing sciences. As the summer school will be entirely in English, we expect international participations. We are hoping for a lot of fruitful exchanges between the participants and the speakers, with a didactical format for the presentations and enough time for discussion. The program of the the scientific sessions is detailed below. We also encourage all participants to bring a poster as a vector for informal discussions about their work.
There are no registration costs. Lunches, coffee breaks and all socials will be offered to all participants during the duration of the summer school. There are still a couple of places available to participate in the summer school, which will be attributed on a "first coming, first served" basis. If you wish to participate, please send a motivation letter and a brief
CV (no more than two pages altogether) to the organizing committee [SummerSchool (at) crnl.cnrs.fr] (with object: [SummerSchool]).
We recommend all participants to stay at the Valpré conference center where the summer school will take place (accommodation at the applicant's charge: 75€/night single room or 98€/night twin room).
Further details can be found on the dedicated website.
We hope to see you in Lyon in July,
The organizing committee : Pascal Barone, Anne Caclin, Nicolas Grimault

Scientific program:
Session 1: Pitch and associated pathologies
Daniel Pressnitzer, Dept. Etude Cognitives, ENS, Paris,  France: Pitch: from basic mechanisms to contextual effects.
Christophe Micheyl, Starkey, San Francisco, USA: Pitch perception and sound separation, from normal to impaired hearing.
Chris James, Cochlear, Toulouse,  France: An introduction to cochlear implants and sound coding:  So what about pitch perception?
Olivier Macherey, LMA, Marseille,  France: 
Limitations on pitch discrimination by cochlear implant listeners
Dan Gnansia, Neurelec, Paris,  France: Effects of degraded temporal and spectral cues on speech performance and pitch perception in cochlear implant users 
Monitta Chatterjee, Boys Town National Research Hospital, Omaha, USA: 
  How children with cochlear implants process pitch, prosody, and lexical tones 

Session 2: Music and associated pathologies
Marion Cousineau, BRAMS, Montreal, Canada:
To be announced
Barbara Tillmann, CRNL, Lyon,  France:
To be announced
Bénédicte Poulin-Charonnat, LEAD, Dijon,  France: Language and music: From learning to perception
Mathieu Marx, National Research Hospital (CHU), Toulouse,  France:
To be announced
Elvira Brattico, Cogn. Brain Res. Unit, Helsinki, Finland: The automatic and conscious processing of acoustic and affective music features in the normal and dysfunctional brain

Anne Caclin
Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon
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