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SV: Small German speech corpus request

Hi Annamaria,
I have some good quality male/female spoken SVO sentences in Danish and Swedish, if that would help.  Get back to me off-list if you are interested.

David Morris, PhD
Speech and Hearing therapy
Department of Scandinavian Studies and Lingusitics
Njalsgade 120
2300 København S


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Subject: Small German speech corpus request

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Dear List Members,

To perform analysis of salient event detection methods in speech with 3 
different languages, I would like to ask you, if you have some small 
(preferably 4 speakers , 2 male, 2 female, 10 sentences for each) German 
corpus, which you can share with me. In best case it would be 
studio-quality (in .wav) and native German speakers. It is not a problem 
to have a bigger corpus, but these are the minimum requirements.
Any help and suggestions are welcomed (perhaps other languages too with 
the same speaker/sentence properties as above).

Thanks in advance,
Annamaria Kovacs