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National Hearing Test offered FREE in May

Dear Colleagues,


Last October we reported to you the availability of a telephone screening test for hearing impairment, the “National Hearing Test.”  As we explained, this test is offered on a non-profit basis, but a fee ($8.00) had to be charged to cover the cost of the toll-free line, administration of the test, and NIH-required follow-up to determine compliance with recommendations made to those who fail it.


To help raise awareness of this test and also to determine the negative influence of the fee, it has been decided to offer it free during May, 2014, which is Better Speech and Hearing Month.  This is made possible by a grant from NIH/NIDCD.


PLEASE HELP US INFORM THE PUBLIC OF THE AVAILABILITY OF THIS CONVENIENT, PRIVATE, AND CLINICALLY VALIDATED SCREENING TEST THAT CAN BE TAKEN IN THE COMFORT OF ONE’S HOME.  DURING MAY THE TEST CAN BE TAKEN SIMPLY BY CALLING 1-866-223-7575 AND FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS.  Left and right ears are tested and the results are given at the end of the call (“within normal limits”, “slightly below the normal range”, or “substantially below the normal range”).


Thanks to all of you for helping make the public aware of this clinically validated test.  Tests like it have been taken by many thousands of persons in Europe and Australia, but it has been possible for those versions to be offered free.  That may be the only way the US version would be used by the estimated 18 million or so hearing impaired persons in this country who have never had a hearing test.  But we cannot learn that unless they are made aware of the existence of the test.  So PLEASE pass this information on as widely as possible.


Information about the test is available at the NHT website,


Best regards,


The NHT team:   Chuck Watson, Gary Kidd, Jim Miller and Larry Humes










Charles S. Watson

Professor Emeritus

Departments of

Speech and Hearing Sciences


Psychological and Brain Science (Adj.)

Indiana University

Bloomington, IN 47405