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Music Thought and Feeling 2nd edition (Oxford University Press): now available

Dear colleagues,

It was suggested to me that I need to let people know about the publication of the 2nd edition of my textbook on the psychology of music, released about a month ago. My apologies for any cross-posting. 

Thompson, W.F. (2014). Music, Thought, and Feeling: Understanding the Psychology of Music (2nd Edition). New York: Oxford University Press. 400 pages. ISBN: 9780199947317

For those who've used or read the 1st edition, the 2nd edition is close to 100 pages longer than the 1st edition. It includes additional discussions of recent findings and theory, and a new chapter on "Music and Wellbeing". This chapter includes an overview of the field of music therapy, music in medicine, and music and violence.

The book includes topics such as:

- theories of the evolution of music
- psychoacoustic, perceptual, and cognitive foundations of music
- music and the brain (includes research using EEG, MEG, fMRI, PET, TMS, tDCS etc.)
- music and emotion
- music and wellbeing
- music and violence
- music therapy
- developmental approaches to music cognition
- music performance
- composition and creativity
- effects of music training on other intellectual capacities

and other topics. It was designed as an undergraduate textbook, but would be valuable for anyone who wants a review issues in the various subdisciplines of music cognition. It includes sound examples, sidebars, and other features available from a companion website. 

Additional information can be found at the Oxford University Press websites, or Amazon, Booktopia and other e-commerce sites:

If you are teaching a psychology of music course and would like an evaluation copy of the book, simply use the "Request examination copy" link from the first or second Oxford University Press website above. 

Cheers, Bill

Bill Thompson
Professor: Department of Psychology
Chief Investigator: ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders
Macquarie University
NSW 2109, Australia
Work: 02-9850-4083

Cover for 
Music, Thought, and Feeling

Music, Thought, and Feeling

Understanding the Psychology of Music

Second Edition

William Forde Thompson

New to this Edition:

  • Enhanced coverage of music therapy
  • The most recent theory and research
  • Improved pedagogy, including enhanced definitions of key terms and a reworked organization of topics
  • An accompanying open-access website featuring audio samples created specifically for this te