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Senior Research Audiologist

Dear list

We have a new Senior Research opportunity at Oticon in Denmark.


Thomas Behrens


Senior Research Audiologist

Are you looking for high level challenges within audiology research, enabling you to make a real difference in people’s lives? Can you imagine yourself in the unique opportunity of being a leading researcher in a team who builds Oticon Audiology, credible and evidence based, and representing us at audiology events around the world? And at the same time driving/promoting your own research? Then come join us for an exciting career opportunity at Oticon – a company truly known for our commitment to audiology.
You will be working in our Danish headquarter located in a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Define future hearing solutions and move the limits of what hearing technology can do
If you understand the needs and desires of people with hearing impairment this job offers a chance to influence and change hearing care to optimize treatment strategies.

In your new job you will be part of the Clinical Evidence team which consists of 6 people who work on developing and communicating evidence for hearing aid benefits. These benefits are documented through scientific publications, technical documentation provided by internal collaborators or through clinical testing at research sites external to Oticon. The group sets a direction for R&D audiology and acts as the interface between audiology and the commercial organization.

As Senior Researcher, you will be responsible for defining requirements for new functionality, and ensuring evidence is in place on time for product launches. You will use evidence to build audiological communication that is in line with our strategy and vision and communicate to a wide range of professionals in the field of audiology.

You can also look forward to present recent developments and evidence behind Oticon hearing technology to customers around the world when there is a need for explanation of the deeper audiological rationale behind a given functionality.
You will be working closely together with e.g. engineers, audiologists, sales and marketing people, customers and not the least external researchers. You will stay up to date on the latest evidence, use that to define new solutions and do research with leading researchers in the field to develop knowledge on use and benefits.

Audiologist with research experience and communication skills
To handle your future challenges, we expect you to hold a PhD in Audiology or related field and have at least 5 years of post-doctoral research experience. Alternatively, you have a Masters Degree and extensive research and publication experience.
Furthermore, you possess knowledge within areas such as: amplification, acoustics, sensory or cognitive neuroscience, signal processing, diagnostic measurements, hearing devices and transducers, audiology and evidence based practice.
You also have clinical experience or a deep understanding of clinical audiology.

Communication is an important part of this job - written, oral, on-site and off-site, which requires an efficient communicator who is able to target different stakeholders and view the same issue from different perspectives and use this to obtain the right solution.
Your collaboration partners and colleagues see you as open and inquiring in your contact and communication.

You are able to discuss specific challenges of clinical practice with a colleague one day and be deeply involved in designing an experiment on a new product another day. And you enjoy both situations!
Speaking and writing in English to many different audiences comes natural to you.
Want to join the team?
Then send your application today, as we are currently screening applications. Apply for the job on the link as soon as possible as we screen along the way. If you wish to know more about the position, feel free to contact Thomas Behrens on +45 25300012 or tbs@xxxxxxxxx
We are looking much forward to hearing from you.

Apply online via this link: http://www.oticon.dk/about/job-and-career/jobs/job-document.aspx?publishingid=583&languagekey=en-GB