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1. Can someone recommend an audio interface for a 24-channel speaker ring?


I'd suggest the following:

-SSL Alpha Link MADI AX with MADI Xtreme 64. This comprises a MADI PCI interface and a 2-units rack with 24 analogue channels I/O and a set of other digital connections (MADI, ADAT, etc.).

-Focusrite Rednet. You should purchase the Rednet PCIe card, then you can buy the rack units...for 24 channels you can buy one Rednet 1 and one Rednet 2.

-Another option would be to get any MADI PCI interface (or also ADAT, but in this case you'll need at least 3 lightpipes for the output channels), then DA converters (Behringer does some 8-16 channels cheap ones, otherwise Aphex, Lynx...).

Otherwise...probably try to find a shop which still has a stock of MOTU 24i/o...I'm sure you can find some around!!

I hope it helps!

Dr. Lorenzo Picinali
Senior Lecturer in Music/Audio Technology
Faculty of Technology
De Montfort University, The Gateway
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