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Re: Can someone recommend an audio interface for a 24-channel speaker ring?

...just two small remarks:

1.) The M-32 DA is like its name already suggests a DA-converter - not a soundcard - you will still need a soundcard providing digital audio signals (4x ADAT or MADI) e.g. the RME HSDPe MADI or one of the Madifaces

2.) Keep in mind that the M-32s have a cooling fan, possibly requiring an installation of this device in a separate control room - a solution to this might be using three fanless ADI-8 QS driven by a HDSPe MADI


Am 20.03.2014 07:42, schrieb Rick:
The RME m-32 DA might do it.

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 2:15 PM, Ewan A. Macpherson <ewan.macpherson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I recently looked for a good alternative and could not find one. I ended up buying several MOTU 24 i/o units on eBay.

Ewan A. Macpherson
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Yu-Xuan Zhang wrote, On 3/18/2014 4:48 AM:
Any experience/recommendation for a high-fidelity (ASIO compatible)
audio card to drive a 24-channel speaker ring that is currently
available on the market? The last one I worked with is Motu 24 I/O 96
kHz Cue Mix DSP, which is out of production now.



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