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Early stage research positions available at Cochlear

Dear list,

In the framework of the ITN project "Improving Children’s Auditory 
REhabilitation", Cochlear is looking for two early stage researchers 
(Ph.D) to strengthen the research group at Cochlear Technology Center in 
Mechelen, Belgium. During the course of this 3 year assignment, candidates 
will simultaneously pursue a Ph.D. at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 
under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Astrid Van Wieringen. The primary focus of 
these positions is to perform research on improving rehabilitation and the 
device fitting of young users of a cochlear implant. Ideal candidates will 
be passionate about hearing and will have relevant experience in at least 
one or more of the following areas: paediatric audiology, hearing implants 
or sound processing. 

This is a unique opportunity to see your research contribute both to the 
broader scientific community and to future products that will help people 
connect with others and live a full life. Successful applicants should not 
have lived in Belgium for the past years and should be eligible for a 
Ph.D. program.

Please follow the following two links below for further details and to 

Kind regards,

Filiep Vanpoucke