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Apps, apps, apps...

Dear list members,

as far as I understand, out there there is an increasing number of auditory-related "apps" (apps for audiology, musical training, psychological training, assessments of any kind, sound processing, and perhaps many more). Many of these apps are created by research groups for research purposes.

I must confess that I have no tablet and that my mobile phone is still black & white. However, I was planning to update and buy a tablet because I would like to understand the potentiality of this type of device for research purposes.

I would be happy to receive suggestions about interesting commercial and non-commercial auditory related apps.

In addition, I have a corollary question: iOS or android? Will I find more auditory-related apps for iOS or for android? I understand that this last question is tricky, but maybe there is an answer :-)

Thank you all in advance,