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New Release of DSAM Software Applications with new facilities

Dear List,

The DSAM library has been updated, the “RunDSAMSim” package now contains a Python interface in addition to the Matlab/Java interface and the DSAM manual has been extensively revised.

DSAM provides a flexible environment for both novice and advanced users to run auditory models on all platforms (Windows ™, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mac OS, etc.). It provides immediate access to auditory models such as the Zilany and Bruce (2006, 2007), Meddis et al. (2001) auditory nerve models and the Auditory Image Model (AIM) by Patterson et al. (2001). In all it provides seven different published auditory nerve models using both linear and non-linear basilar membrane frequency selectivity, including the DRNL and Gamma-Chirp models. It also provides several neural cell models including an ultra-fast implementation of the Hudgkin-Huxley neural cell which operates at 80% the speed of a simple point neuron model (the McGregor Model). Other auditory models, analysis functions, threaded processing and sound file support are also provided. A 320 page manual is available for DSAM that provides detailed information on how simulations can be created and controlled.

The library has been put through rigorous testing on both Windows(tm) and Linux operating systems. Windows(tm) installations now employ DLLs for the DSAM libraries, reducing the installation footprints and allowing quicker startup times.

We have joined the ever growing band of scientists who are turning to Python as their analysis and visualisation programming language. A new interface has been added to the “RunDSAMSim” package which allows Python to interface seamlessly with the DSAM library, enabling Python users to run DSAM simulations directly from their Python code. Data can be sent to and received from DSAM simulations in addition to the usual ability to fully control simulation parameters, as is possible for the other interfaces,. Because the standard Python “ctypes” foreign function library is used DSAM can be run on any platform for which Python is available.

The DSAM manual has been re-drafted, producing a much cleaner document. All diagrams have been re-created (using python) and additional module pages have been added.

Self-installing packages (Windows[tm], Ubuntu and Fedora) for RunDSAMSim , SAMS , the DSAM_SDK and other source archives are available from the “Downloads” page of the DSAM website: http://dsam.org.uk. The “Applications” page provides information on the afore mentioned application packages.

Sincere regards,


p.s. please accept my apologies if you receive this e-mail more than once.