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Re: Graph theory question


The textbook by Jørgen Bang-Jensen and Gregory Gutin has been very useful for me this year. You can download it free from:

It's not a code cookbook. But a very clearly written textbook.


On 30/08/12 18:14, Pierre Divenyi wrote:
Hello all,

I am working on a problem that appears to be most easily solvable using
graphic theory. My problem is that I have never even dabbled into this
thicket and would like to have a cookbook that, through some examples,
would show me how to start a learning process, which should be as brief
as possible. I saw that there exist Matlab packages (have downloaded one
but stuck it in a vase to be admired from afar) but I would need a hand
to lead me through the early stages.

With great appreciation for any advice,

Dan Stowell
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Centre for Digital Music
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road, London E1 4NS