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looking for used sound booth

Dear List,

We are looking to purchase a used sound booth to run experiments on speech/
voice production and perception.

If anyone in the UK, Republic of Ireland, or mainland Europe (within
reasonable distance) is looking to discard or sell one (or knows of someone
who is), please do contact me (christel.debruijn@xxxxxxxxx).

Failing any option to buy a used one, we may have to look at buying new, but
this very much depends on price.  I would be very grateful for any advice
from this list about which companies to approach in this region.

Please also feel free to forward this message to anyone off-list who might
be of help.

Many thanks,


Christel de Bruijn, PhD 
Senior Lecturer in Phonetics and Clinical Linguistics 
Department of Speech and Language Therapy 
Birmingham City University (City South Campus)
Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3TN, UK
phone : (+)44  (0)121  202 4218