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fund in memory of the late Dr. Philip Loizou

Please see this note from the chair of EE at UT Dallas, regarding a fund that is set up in honor and memory of our friend and colleague, Philip Loizou:

Dear All:
The Dept. of Electrical Engineering has received a number of requests since the passing of Prof. Philip Loizou on how to help the Loizou family. In talking with Demetria Loizou, she was most concerned over their son’s ability to go to college when he gets older. So we have taken steps to establish a fund for the family.

Loizou Memorial Scholarship Fund:
The EE Dept has established a scholarship fund in honor of Philip Loizou with all proceeds to help support Philip’s son (Costakis Loizou) for his future college expenses.

The following write-up was published in the IEEE Speech and Language Processing Newsletter (Philip was an elected member of this group a few years back), and will also go to several other organizations (ASA, ISCA, etc) who have requested additional information and ways to recognize Philip’s work, and help his family. It will also have link information for the Loizou Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Demetria Loizou and the Loizou family have asked me to pass on their sincere thanks for the extensive support and kind words from everyone in the Jonsson School and all of UTDallas.

John Hansen, EE Dept. Head