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ICAD2001 - Call for Papers

[My apologies if you receive multiple copies of this CfP.]

CALL FOR PAPERS - Second announcement

ICAD 2001
The Seventh International Conference on Auditory Display

Conference website: http://www.acoustics.hut.fi/icad2001/
(Primary information source)
ICAD website: http://www.icad.org/
E-mail: icad2001@acoustics.hut.fi

ICAD 2001 will be held 29th of July-1st of August 2001 at Helsinki
University of Technology, Espoo, Finland.

ICAD is a forum for presenting research on the use of sound to display
data, monitor systems, and provide enhanced user interfaces for
computers and virtual reality systems. It is unique in its singular
focus on auditory displays, and the array of perception, technology,
design and application areas that these encompass. Like its
predecessors, ICAD 2001 will be a single-track conference. Attendance
is open to all, with no membership or affiliation requirements.


There are two categories for papers: long papers of 10 pages and
30 minutes presentation time, and short papers of 6 pages and
20 minutes. Accepted posters will have 6 pages in the proceedings.

Submissions should consist of a 2-3 pages extended abstract for short papers
and posters and 4-5 pages extended abstract for long papers. Since audio
demonstrations are an essential part of ICAD, the abstract should
include a description of the prospective audio demonstrations.
The templates for submissions are available at the conference website

Papers are sought covering all aspects of auditory display. Work in
progress papers are also acceptable. Example topics include, but are
not limited to:

- sonification
- 3D/immersive sound
- perceptual aspects of 3D sound
- psychoacoustics and perception
- auditory displays in games and entertainment
- auditory displays in PDA's, wearable computing and embedded systems
- sound synthesis and digital signal processing
- audio in assistive technologies
- auditory icons and earcons

The papers from this conference will be published in a proceedings and
CD-ROM. The CD-ROM will include also sound examples. The conference
organization will also reserve the right to publish the papers online
although copyright will be retained by the author.

All accepted papers should be presented by an author at the conference.


Demo submissions will be evaluated on the basis of their innovation,
relevance, scientific contribution, and potential logistic
constraints. Commercial products are eligible, but sales and marketing
activities are not appropriate. (NOTE: Please be prepared to provide
your own equipment/computers for your demonstration, if you need special
facilities. We can provide standard equipment.)


Extended abstract submission received by 19th of January 2001
Demo proposal received by                 9th of February 2001
Notification of review decisions          9th of March 2001
Camera-ready copy received by            11th of May 2001
ICAD 2001                                29th of July - 1st of August 2001

Submissions will be thoroughly reviewed by an international committee.

Registration information will be available later on the conference
web pages and in the call for participation.


Like previous ICAD's, ICAD 2001 will also include at least one open
mic session for impromptu presentations on some latest project that
you've just started, a crazy idea that you'd like to share, or some
amazing auditory experience that you'd like to relate.


Chair: Matti Gröhn, Helsinki University of Technology
Secretary: Tapio Lokki, Helsinki University of Technology
Paper Chairman: prof. Tapio Takala, Helsinki University of Technology
Juha Backman, Nokia Mobile Phones
Jarmo Hiipakka, Helsinki University of Technology
Dr. Jyri Huopaniemi, Nokia Research Center
Prof. Hannu Kari, Helsinki University of Technology
Ville Pulkki, Helsinki University of Technology
Dr. Lauri Savioja, Helsinki University of Technology
Dr. Vesa Välimäki, Helsinki University of Technology
Nick Zacharov, Nokia Research Center

Tapio Lokki <Tapio.Lokki@hut.fi>, http://www.tml.hut.fi/~ktlokki/
Helsinki University of Technology
Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
PO Box. 5400, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland, tel. +358-9-4514737, fax +358-9-4515014