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Re: autocorrelation

Peter Cariani wrote:
>I just made some isochronous click trains from harmonics of 100,
>both 3000-10000 and 5000-10000, and added the click trains to themselves,
>offset with a delay that ranged from 1-5 msec. (For example A = 1 msec, B
= 9msec).
>The 1 msec offset hardly masks the pitch at all, while there
>is a little masking by the time one gets to 3 and 4 msec, but not enough
>to obliterate the low pitch. None of these offsets changes the pitch.
>Now, if one assumed 1 spike per click, and a first-order interval
>representation, then the pitch should change and the 100 Hz pitch should be
>masked out (but it doesn't and isn't).
>What would be your interpretation of this?

I guess that a significant part of the Auditory list is now tired of this
debate, but let me nonetheless come to the rescue of Christian (briefly):
Peter, the observation you report is not consistent with observations
described in the last paragraph of K&D's General Discussion. The
discrepancy can be explained by supposing that your filtered click trains
were not mixed with low-pass noise, which gave rise to spectral artifacts
(audible combination tones at low frequencies).