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Re: Group delay variations

At 11:36 PM 6/28/00 -0400, Jont Allen wrote:
Pierre Divenyi wrote:
> This is getting interesting. Jont says that monaural and binaural phase
sensitivity are
> essentially the same, provided we look at (1) group delay and (2) the
> therein.

I did NOT say that. Not even close!!!  Nor do I believe it. Reread my email!



Then please explain a little more clearly what you meant by this:

     " I would (and have done so in the past actually) measure the group
       This does a nice job of characterizing the phase in a meaningful
way, and
       avoids the problem of flat delay that does not really effect

       If the group delay variations, either between the two ears, or across
       frequency in one ear, are too large, then you will hear that delay."

To my understanding, you said (1) group delay is cool to measure phase,
(2) people perceive changes in group delay, and (3) they do so whether
these changes occur dichotically or monaurally. If this paraphrase of mine
of the above quote from your e-mail is erroneous, then you will have to get
yourself into yet another discussion on semantics which, as you indicate in
your reply to Andrew, you enjoy every bit as little as I do.



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