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Group delay variations

This is getting interesting. Jont says that monaural and binaural phase sensitivity are essentially the same, provided we look at (1) group delay and (2) the variations therein.
Roy says in his reply that in his 1987 paper he showed that the (monaural) group delay perception is proportional to bandwidth. Thus, it appears that there is a Gabor-type uncertainty principle operating here: the product of delay and bandwidth look roughly constant.

Interestingly, Chandler and Grantham, in their 1992 paper, showed just that: the just-noticeable angle of the (azimuthal) motion of a sound source is inversely proportional to the bandwidth of the source. Note that this was observed for MOVING sound sources, i.e., for changing group delays only. In the proceedings of the Carcans ISH meeting (1991), Pierre Zakarauskas and I have a paper in which a similar azimuth/bandwidth inverse relation is derived.

Pierre Divenyi

Divenyi, P. L. and P. Zakarauskas (1992). The effect of bandwidth on auditory localization: An estimation theory model. Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Hearing. L. D. a. K. H. Y. Cazals. London, Pergamon Press: 563-570.