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Group power

Dear List,

It seems to me that in this list, we have a unique opportunity, given
all our collective on-line knowledge, that we might capitalize on.

And of course I have a specific proposal on how to use it, or I wouldn't
be writting.

Many of us need bibliographic data bases for writing papers. I propose that
we collectively put our resources together, and come up with a set of
common databases on various topics. For example, there might be one on
pitch perception, pitch JNDs, loudness JNDs, timing JNDs (to take a recent
topic), etc. We could standardize the format, and then provide shell or
cgi scripts to convert the database into your preferred format (e.g. Bibtex,
MSword, Framemaker whatever, etc.). Then when you are writing a paper and
you want to form the reference database, you get on the web, send the website
a list of your references, in some format, and it runs a database program
to generate the list of references (such as bibtex), and ships you an ascii
file in the format of your choice.

We could start by sending in our existing databases and putting them on line.
We would then reorganize these databases into logical groups, organized across
topic. Optionally each reference could have a short paragraph associated with
it that summarizes the reference's contribution (assuming it has one ?;0).

What do you think?


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