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Why Oboe -- A 440?

Hi List
--- been "listless" for a while.  Good to be back online.

Why is the Oboe used to tune the instruments of the symphony orchestra?
And why at A=440 Hz?

I've heard a couple of reasons such as: good "carrying power",
convenient overlap in freq. range with most instruments, etc.
but can you give me more info, details?   I would like to REED more
about it.

--- Pun ita

P.S:: By the way, the reference for the Hirsh et al. research on timing
and irregularity perception (of which I was an irregular part) is:
Hirsh, I.J., Monahan, C.B., Grant, K.W. & Singh, P.G. (1990) "Studies in
auditory timing - I", Perception and Psychophysics 47(3), 215-226.

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