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PC soundcard responses...see web page

So I lied, here's ONE MORE posting on the subject.

Thanks for the many replies that I have recieved in just a matter of a
few hours.  So many people have asked for summaries and the like that I
am putting all the responses (with no editing at all...with all the
email headers and repetitive quoted text) at the web address:


Of course, it will grow with every new response I recieve.  For those
who asked me how to subscribe to AUDITORY and SOUNDSIG, there is
information for you at the beginning.


Gregory J. Sandell, Research Associate, sandell@sparky.parmly.luc.edu
Parmly Hearing Institute, Loyola University Chicago
6525 N. Sheridan Chicago IL 60626 USA voice:312-508-3976 FAX:312-508-2719
WWW: http://www.parmly.luc.edu/sandell/