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Seeking recommendations on DSP cards for PC

        [ the following is being crossposted to AUDITORY and SOUNDSIG ]

Hello out there,

I in the market for a soundcard for a Pentium PC*.  I know there is a
plethora of 44.1 kHz 16-bit cards out there, but many seem to be
oriented towards game users, and their documentation typically contain
absolutely no technical information.  Has anyone compiled a graded list of
currently available products?  Or do you have a favorite card you'd like to

* (running Windows 3.1 and DOS)

I'm not looking so much for a development environment, but a card that
can play soundfiles with quality meeting currently accepted standards
for auditory research.

Thanks in advance,
Greg Sandell

Gregory J. Sandell, Research Associate, sandell@sparky.parmly.luc.edu
Parmly Hearing Institute, Loyola University Chicago
6525 N. Sheridan Chicago IL 60626 USA voice:312-508-3976 FAX:312-508-2719
WWW: http://www.parmly.luc.edu/sandell/