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Int. Conf. on Auditory Display

                       CALL FOR PAPERS
                          ICAD '96:
                          The Third
        International Conference on Auditory Display
                    Santa Fe, New Mexico
                  Dates: November 4-6, 1996

                        Sponsored by
                     Santa Fe Institute

Continuing  the  work of the successful  ICAD  '92  and  '94
meetings, ICAD '96 will be held November 4-6, 1996 in  Santa
Fe,  New  Mexico,  USA.   ICAD is  a  forum  for  presenting
research  on  the  use  of sound to  display  data,  monitor
systems,  and provide enhanced user interfaces for computers
and  virtual reality systems.  It is unique in its  singular
focus  on  auditory displays, and the array  of  perception,
technology,  and  application areas  that  these  encompass.
Like  its  predecessors,  ICAD '96 will  be  a  single-track
conference.   Attendance is open to all, with no  membership
or affiliation requirements.

Papers  are  solicited on any aspects of  Auditory  Display.
Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

   *    Auditory exploration of data via sonification (data-
        controlled sound) and audification (audible playback
        of data samples)
   *    Real-time monitoring of multivariate data
   *    Sound in immersive interfaces (Virtual Reality) and
   *    Perceptual issues in Auditory Display
   *    Sound in generalized computer interfaces
   *    Technologies supporting Auditory Display creation
   *    Data handling and sound synthesis for Auditory Display
   *    Applications of Auditory Display

Note:  There  will be a strong preference  for  papers  with
sound,  and a high-likelihood of publishing sounds with  the


For  ICAD'96,  the  steering committee  plans  to  have  the
proceedings available at the conference. Therefore, complete
manuscripts  must be submitted by May 20, 1996. Notification
of  acceptance will be made by July 15, 1996. Final, camera-
ready  versions  of accepted papers  (4-8 pages  in  length)
must   then  be  delivered  electronically  no  later   than
September 16, 1996.

In order to facilitate the process, the following submission
guidelines must be strictly adhered to:

1. Submit 6 copies of the complete paper to

       Santa Fe Institute
       1660 Old Pecos Trail, Suite A
       Santa Fe, NM 87051

2. Include a single cover sheet which contains

*    the paper title
*    the full names, affiliations, complete addresses, phone
     and FAX numbers, and e-mail addresses of the authors
*    a 100- to 250-word abstract
*    a list of up to five keywords


ICAD   '96   will  also  include  informal  sessions   where
preliminary  or  speculative material  and  descriptions  or
demonstrations  of hardware and software may  be  presented.
Send  one copy of your poster session paper or a description
of your demonstration to the address above by May 20, 1996.

                      IMPORTANT DATES
    Manuscript submission              May 20, 1996
   Notification of review             July 15, 1996
      Camera-ready copy             September 16, 1996


Steve Frysinger, James Madison University & AT&T Bell Labs
Gregory Kramer, CLARITY, Santa Fe Institute


Rich Gold, Xerox PARC
Steve Frysinger, James Madison University & AT&T Bell Labs
Gregory Kramer, CLARITY, Santa Fe Institute
Beth Wenzel, NASA Ames Research Center



The  focus of the Santa Fe Institute is research on  complex
systems.  This  work encompasses an extraordinary  range  of
topics  normally  studied  in  seemingly  disparate  fields.
Natural  systems displaying complex adaptive behavior  range
upwards  from DNA through cells and evolutionary systems  to
human  societies.   The  dynamics  of  complex  systems  are
difficult   to   comprehend  and  even  more  difficult   to
communicate.   Data  visualization--and more  recently  data
sonification--are  emerging  as  crucial   tools   for   the
comprehension and communication of complex systems data.


Santa Fe is a small, picturesque city located at an altitude
of  7,000  feet in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.   A
town  of 55,000 people, it is renowned for its beauty,  art,
culture,  museums,  and restaurants.  Snow  in  November  is
probable and ski resorts will likely be open.


Address general inquiries to:

Dr. Steven P. Frysinger
James Madison University
College of Integrated Science & Technology
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807
Tel: 540/568-2710
Fax: 540/568-2761
Net: frysinsp@jmu.edu

Gregory Kramer
Clarity/Santa Fe Institute
310 NW Brynwood Lane
Portland, OR 97229
Fax: 503-292-4982