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Avery Wang's sound separation thesis available by ftp

I've finally gotten around to posting my thesis for anonymous FTP.  I finished
it nearly a year ago but have been rather busy and have put off making it
available electronically until now.  The thesis ends up being about 33MB
when decompressed, and is 216 pages long (single-spaced, 10pt).

The file is available at:

Be sure to check out the cool sound demos in:

I admit that the sound separation examples can be greatly improved, but
I haven't put in much effort since I got the algorithm to run in the first

Hard copies are also available from CCRMA for $18 (to cover postage/cost).
These are printed double-sided and thus use half as many trees.

You can write to:
        Heidi Kugler
        Re: Wang Thesis
        CCRMA--Music Department
        Stanford University
        Stanford, CA 94305

Please make your check to Stanford University.

Comments and questions are welcome.

-Avery Wang  (avery@ccrma.stanford.edu)
 July 30, 1995