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The 9th Annual Institute for Music & Healing

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Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 01:37:55 -0400
From: mercuri@gradient.cis.upenn.edu (Rebecca Mercuri)
Subject: The 9th Annual Institute for Music & Healing


                         The 9th Annual

                  Institute for Music & Healing

                        August 3-5, 1995

The purpose of the Institute is to foster a better understanding
of the inner music with each person possesses, and to capture, maintain
and generate that music for wholistic and spiritual well-being.

The Institute, held at Immaculata College, a suburb of Philadelphia
(easily accessible by car or public transit) brings together a wide
range of therapists, artists, physicians, educators and others interested
in the healing aspects of music. Performers and lecturers include
composer David Darling, and the oboe and guitar duo of Jill Haley and
David Cullen.

Music has been accepted as a formal facet in the healing process since
WWII, although of course its beneficial effects have been used for
millenia. Therapists work with clients who suffer from geriatric,
psychiatric, and physical disorders, in order to affect behavioral
changes and increase communication and receptivity. With healthy persons
Music Therapy can be used to improve attention and creativity, or
alternatively to enhance relaxation and calmness.

One of the features of the Institute is its focus on music technology
in healing. Using interactive multimedia it is now possible to construct
immersive virtual environments tailored specifically to an individual's
therapeutic needs. Clients and therapists can work to incorporate imagery
and sounds from the real world into a wide variety of customized computer
simulations. In this way, a client could wander through a reconstruction
of his or her childhood home, re-examine a stressful encounter at work,
or even use virtual realities to aid in desensitizing phobias and neuroses.

This year, a new conference will be held within the Institute:

                    VIRTUAL ARTS THERAPIES(TM)
                        IN MUSIC THERAPY

Sr. Jean Anthony Gileno, Ph.D., will introduce the concept of Virtual
Arts Therapies in music therapy, and discuss the use of cyberspace
technology in the healing process. The Soundbeam as a virtual expression
device will be examined, along with other types of virtual arts, the
application of such to the training of teachers and therapists, as well
as the use of these arts at home, in the workplace, and other settings.

David M. Roy and Marilyn Panayi, of the A.I. duPont Institute and the
University of Delaware Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories
will discuss their research in gestural human-machine interaction
for people with severe speech and motor impairment using neural networks.

Joseph Reilly will review his use of the Lightning MIDI device with
psychiatric patients at the Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Rebecca Mercuri will examine some of the computer software tools and
hardware components for implementation of virtual arts therapies. Her
student interns in cyberspace music therapy will demonstrate and exhibit
some of their research.

Prices for the Institute are quite reasonable, with individual concert
and session breakdowns. For example, the Virtual Arts Therapies portion
on Saturday, August 5 costs only $60.00. The entire conference may be
taken for academic credit for $603.00. Inexpensive campus housing is
available during the Institute.

For a complete brochure, send an email request to Rebecca Mercuri:
Or telephone Immaculata College Department of Music Therapy:
                610/647-4400 x3490

Upcoming Music Therapy programs at Immaculata College include:

Depth Psychology and Music Centered Therapies, JoEllyn Beck, Sept 12-Dec 12.
Biofeedback Music Research, Sr. Jean Anthony, Sept 7 - Dec 7.
Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Aspects of Music Making, Fawzi P. Habboushe,
        M.D., F.A.C.S., October 11 & 12.
Technology and the Creative Arts Therapies, Rebecca Mercuri, Mike Mosher,
        Sr. Jean Anthony, in conjunction with the Small Computers in the
        Arts Network at the Franklin Institute Science Museum, Nov. 4 & 11.

For further information on these courses and events, or to be placed on
the mailing list, call 610/647-4400 x3490.

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