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High frequency sensitivity

Dear All

We are currently involved in a debate about future digital
audio carriers for high-quality sound.

It is well-accepted that the current sampling rate of
44.1kHz is too low, I know a percentage of young listeners
can hear to 24kHz. Sampling at 44.1kHz allows a 20kHz
bandwidth with a 2kHz transition band.

I have not found any hard evidence in the literature about
aural sensitivity to supersonic or ultrasonic content.
There is loose and anecdotal evidence in audio engineering
that wider bandwidth helps, but this may to do with
implementation rather than spl striking the ear-drum.

Does anyone know any studies that point to frequencies >
20kHz affecting perception (maybe of transients rather
than continuous tones).
Does anyone have an opinion?

 With thanks

Bob Stuart: Meridian Audio, Cambridge, England