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[AUDITORY] a systematic review on auditory NOISE SENSITIVITY

Dear colleague @AUDITORY,

(Please excuse multiple postings)

We are writing you because we are currently compiling a systematic review on NOISE SENSITIVITY for a scientific journal.

The goal of the study is to systematically review all currently available instruments (rating scales, questionnaires, behavioral, or psychophysiological measures) to assess individual noise sensitivity, to compare the various instruments with respect to their usage in surveys or laboratory research, and to summarize the available evidence regarding their psychometric quality.

In an effort to find as much relevant material as possible, and to counteract publication bias and language bias, we would like to invite you to contribute by providing any published or unpublished work on the subject which has been presented in conference papers, theses, reports, manuscripts, or other publications in any language, provided an abstract in English, French, German, or Korean is available.

Have you conducted an (un-)published study using some measure of noise sensitivity (rating scale, questionnaire, or other)? Yes? Then please send us your study and support our review of current measures of noise sensitivity!

If you have manuscripts, data, or other literature that might fit this description, we would be very happy if you could send a copy of the respective work to eunsung.song@xxxxxxxx as soon as possible and the latest until September 10th, 2023.

This would be a great help in making our review as comprehensive as possible. Of course, any information potentially making individuals identifiable that may be contained in the shared data will be removed prior to our review and subsequent publication.

Please feel free to spread the word about our call, particularly to other researchers you may know having worked on noise sensitivity. You may find out more about our project in the PROSPERO preregistration:


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Eunsung Song or any member of our team (see below).

Thank you for your attention; we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, 

Eunsung Song (ENTPE-Lyon, France), eunsung.song@xxxxxxxx

Karin Zimmer (Universität Vechta, Germany), karin.zimmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wolfgang Ellermeier (TU Darmstadt, Germany), ellermeier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Catherine Marquis-Favre (ENTPE-Lyon, France), catherine.marquisfavre@xxxxxxxx

This research is funded by Fondation pour l’Audition (FPA RD-2022-6).

Prof. Wolfgang Ellermeier, Ph.D.
Institut fuer Psychologie
Technische Universitaet Darmstadt
Alexanderstr. 10
D - 64283 DARMSTADT, Germany

phone: ++49-6151-1624103
phone (secr.): ++49-6151-1624012
E-mail: ellermeier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx