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[AUDITORY] Two postdoctoral fellowship positions at Mass Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School

We are excited to be looking for TWO postdoctoral fellows to work with Drs Julie Arenberg and Alicia Quesnel. Dr. Arenberg is a neuroscientist/audiologist and the Director of Research and Education for Audiology at MEE and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Quesnel is a cochlear implant surgeon/neurotologist and the Director of the Mass Eye and Ear Otopathology Lab and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School.
We study cochlear implant outcomes and the human temporal bone histopathology underlying the variability in speech perception outcomes. We employ 3D reconstructions and apply machine learning algorithms as well as use immunohistochemical and microscopy techniques to analyze the integrity and distribution of spiral ganglion neurons. This will be performed on a specialized collection of temporal bones that have been procured and processed from patients who had cochlear implants placed during life. These analyses will be related to audiometric and clinical data. 
Postdoctoral Fellow #1, will be involved in all aspects of temporal bone analyses: including machine learning, 3-D reconstructions, data analyses, and presenting and writing manuscripts.
In addition, we will further develop a computation model of the electrode-neuron interface that will incorporate the histopathological data from the temporal bones and clinical and experimental data from living cochlear implant users.

Postdoctoral Fellow #2, will be involved in computational modeling of the electrode-neuron interface in data from cochlear implanted temporal bones and living cochlear implant participants. They will be involved in data analyses and presenting and writing manuscripts.

We are seeking highly motivated candidates who recently graduated with an MD or PhD in hearing science, audiology, neuroscience, computational biology, biomedical engineering, or another related field. The candidate should have strong communication skills, some programming experience, and the ability to work in a team.  The fellow will have an appointment at Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE) and Harvard Medical School (HMS). MEE and HMS provide rich intellectual and scientific environments and the necessary infrastructure to carry out the proposed research. Training and career development are a priority.
Interested applicants should email their CV, names of 3 references and cover letter to 
Julie_Arenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or Alicia_Quesnel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

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