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Re: [AUDITORY] Al Bregman

Dear all,
as a student in Berlin, I ordered a copy of the "Auditory Scene Analysis" in the year of its first publication in 1990, and it did not leave the centre of my bookshelf since then.  I consider myself a music person, not an auditory one. However, Al Bregman clearly cared a lot about music and saw much more in it than a mere domain of applied principles. His invitation to regard music as a source of auditory principles still prevails. I was fortunate to meet the author at a conference in Montreal years later just once, which nevertheless left a deep impression, despite the very brief acquaintance. 

Warm regards and heartfelt condolences to his family and friends,

Am Mi., 24. Mai 2023 um 06:10 Uhr schrieb Stephen McAdams, Prof. <stephen.mcadams@xxxxxxxxx>:

Dear colleagues,


I just learned this weekend that one of the pillars of our field died on May 18th. Al Bregman was my first and perhaps the most impactful mentor in my career as a scientist. His deep thinking, limitless generosity, creative mind, and unrelenting search for understanding how we hear and listen have had far reaching influence not only on the field of auditory perception and cognition, but in the fields of cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, computational modeling of hearing, music psychology, and even the philosophy of sound more generally. He will be sorely missed, but his thought-provoking legacy will endure.


Stephen McAdams