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[AUDITORY] Deadline soon: Funded PhD- Sound maps to make shared city spaces safer for women and all citizens

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Last few days to apply

Fully funded PhD opportunity at Edinburgh Napier University, researching new sound map applications, based on women’s feelings of harassment or intimidation, allowing others to empathise, drive social change and improve shared spaces for all citizens.  


Full details - https://tinyurl.com/3v4v4wjj 


Deadline – 21st May 2023 


Informal contact to Dr Rod Selfridge – r.selfridge@xxxxxxxxxxxx 



Safe City Sound Map - Project Details 


This project aims to create a sound map (sonification) indicating areas and times when women feel harassed or intimidated as well as where and when they feel happy and safe. Harassment and intimidation are an everyday experience for women in public places and are believed to be vastly under reported. A 2021 UN Women UK survey found that 71% of women have experienced sexual harassment in a public space [APPG, 2021]. It also showed that 95% of women who experienced sexual harassment did not report these incidents. The data related to harassment and intimidation of women in public spaces is intrinsically linked to location, time of day, day of the week as well as season of the year. 

Sonification can be defined as auditory presentation of data in a meaningful manner. In order to allow others to empathise, drive social change and improve shared spaces for all citizens soundscapes shall be developed. The use of mixed reality (MR) and similar media can be effective in communicating the emotional aspects of harassment and intimidation for women. Proposed technologies may include GPS, Apple / Google Maps, and web enabled applications, which can be used in situ., to plan ahead, or educate the wider public. 

Acquiring anonymous data will be required, building on experiences and feedback from those affected by harassment and intimidation. Developing and strengthening collaborative relationships with partners within government, business and third sector will ensure that relevant data is gathered in a sensitive and timely manner. Studies will be undertaken to identify compelling sonification mappings for the data set. 

The use of procedural audio sound models would allow users to interact with the data, changing parameters (for example, time of day) in real-time to produce immediate changes in the sonification. Suitable user interfaces will be developed to identify the most appropriate method users can interact with the sonification, gain maximum understanding of the data, and communicate its impact upon those affected. 

Applications are invited from individuals who are motivated in supporting women’s safety and helping to create safer public spaces for all citizens. 

Academic qualifications 

A first-class honours degree, or a distinction at master level, or equivalent achievements ideally in Sound Design or a closely related discipline with a good fundamental knowledge of computer science and data management. 

English language requirement 

IELTS score must be at least 6.5 (with not less than 6.0 in each of the four components). Other, equivalent qualifications will be accepted. Full details of the University’s policy are available online.  

Application process 

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the supervisor Dr Rod Selfridge at R.Selfridge@xxxxxxxxxxxx to discuss the content of the project and the fit with their qualifications and skills before preparing an application.  

The application must include:  

Research project outline of 2 pages (list of references excluded) with the details about:  

  • Background and motivation of the project. The motivation must be supported by relevant literature. You can discuss also the applications you expect for the project results.  
  • Research questions or objectives.  
  • Methodology: types of data to be used, approach to data collection, and data analysis methods  
  • List of references  

Statement no longer than 1 page describing your motivations and fit with the project. 

Recent and complete curriculum vitae.  

Two academic references (but if you have been out of education for more than three years, you may submit one academic and one professional reference), the form can be downloaded here.  

Documents proving your qualifications and your skills.  

Applications can be submitted here. To be considered, the application must use:  

  • “SCEBE0523” as project code.  
  • the advertised title as project title   

All applications must be received by 21st May 2023 and include the required documents. Applicants who have not been contacted by 1 month later should assume that they have been unsuccessful.