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[AUDITORY] PhD position

dear list,

the lab (Laboratoire Vibrations Acoustique, in Lyon, France) has a PhD position (for 3 years) on the following topic. Please forward this information to master students who might be interested !


E. Parizet

This position is part of a European funded MSCA project (GAP_Noise). It is a 3-years doctorate position.

Electric vehicles are dramatically changing the acoustics of automobiles. The disappearance of the internal combustion engine and the arrival of electric motors completely changes the balance of automotive sources as we have known it for decades. The absence of the internal combustion engine noise, which is very present at take-off speeds and during manoeuvres, brings to light other noises that were previously hidden. The acceleration information from the engine noise has disappeared; thus, the driver's relationship to speed is greatly changed. New sources appear, such as sirens, which in turn can be perceived as annoying noises, signs of faults or indicators that are difficult to relate to vehicle behaviour. The thesis will therefore aim to review the whole paradigm of sound perception in the cabin of an electric vehicle, from the characterization of sources to an original description of the soundscape considering cognitive factors (driving behaviour).

The work will focus on the notion of cognitive load while driving. In a urban area, at low speed, the sound in the car, as well as the dynamic behaviour, are very different in a electric vehicle from a IC vehicle. Experiments (using a car or a simple driving simulator) will aim at measuring whether this leads to differences in cognitive load or self confidence in a driving task. Some sonification may also be applied, in order to provide more information to the driver.

Etienne Parizet
Laboratoire Vibrations Acoustique, INSA-Lyon
25 bis, av. Jean Capelle, 69621 Villeurbanne Cedex
04 72 43 81 21 / etienne.parizet@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Centre Lyonnais d'Acoustique : https://celya.universite-lyon.fr
Master Int. Acoustique : http://master-acoustics.ec-lyon.fr