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[AUDITORY] 2 postdocs, 1 PhD student, 1 data scientist in Oldenburg, Germany

Dear list,

the Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics in Oldenburg, Germany has a few open positions:

A postdoc and a PhD student position are available in the lab of Birger Kollmeier (Medical Physics group): https://uol.de/stellen?stelle=69548 Application Deadline next Monday, May 15th.

A data steward for the cluster of excellence “Hearing4All”: https://uol.de/stellen?stelle=69513

And a postdoc position in my lab (Physiology and Modelling of Auditory Perception), also funded directly by Hearing4All: https://uol.de/stellen?stelle=69537 Application Deadline next Monday, May 15th.