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[AUDITORY] Job at Duolingo: Learning Scientist for Music

I'm posting this on behalf of Bozena Pajak from Duolingo, since I think it might be of interest to this list:

Duolingo is venturing into teaching music! Our strengths lie in building educational apps that are grounded in learning science and keep learners motivated — come join us to help build a new Duolingo music app that promotes learning and is fun to use!

We are looking for an expert in music education who combines both theoretical knowledge of relevant learning science research and hands-on teaching experience. You will join a small cross-functional team and together you will lay the foundation for the new music product, innovating through experimentation and fast product iterations. We hope you are motivated by this type of environment and excited to help us deliver the very best in music education.

Application link: https://boards.greenhouse.io/duolingo/jobs/6520197002

You Will...
- Collaborate cross-functionally to develop a research-informed app for teaching music that is fun, fast-paced, and emphasizes “learning by doing”
- Ensure that the app is well-grounded in learning science by translating research findings into concrete ideas that can be applied within the Duolingo product requirements
- Take the lead on initial curriculum development, including setting the scope and sequence and curating songs to teach concepts
- Provide hands-on support with any ad-hoc tasks that would benefit from a learning-expert perspective, such as user research or data analyses assessing user learning outcomes

You Have...
- Research expertise. You are knowledgeable about research at the intersection of psychology and education that applies to how people learn music.
- Instructional experience. You have broad experience teaching music across settings, know what music curricula and apps are used today, and are experienced connecting popular music to underlying music theory.
- Educational technology knowledge. You have experience using, creating, refining, or researching educational technology products, such as apps or websites.
- Creativity and applied focus. You can think outside the box about how to effectively apply your knowledge about music learning and teaching in the context of developing an engaging educational app.
- Flexible mindset. You are open-minded and get inspired by differing perspectives. You are able to quickly adapt your proposed solutions to accommodate competing priorities.
- Strong communication. You have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

- Ph.D. in music education, music theory, educational psychology, learning sciences, cognitive science, or a related field
- Ability to work full-time from or relocate to Pittsburgh, PA

Exceptional Candidates Will Have...
- Experience creating or measuring educational apps or software to teach music
- Substantial experience with music education (for children and adults; e.g., via research, teaching, or curriculum development)
- Experience with music production

Emily Morgan (pronouns: she/her/hers)
Assistant Professor
Linguistics, UC Davis