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[AUDITORY] SCAN 2023 | Save the Dates

Hello all, 

We're excited to share two upcoming Symposium in Cognitive Auditory Neuroscience 2023 mini-symposia. Please click below to add to your calendar.

April 28, Prediction and the Bayesian Auditory Brain, 11am EDT
David Ricardo Quiroga Martinez, Aarhus University, Denmark
Clare Press, Birkbeck University of London, UK
Juanita Todd, University of Newcastle, Australia

May 19, Music and Mind, 11am EDT
Reyna Gordon, Vanderbilt University, US
Nori Jacoby, Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt, Germany
Robert Zatorre, McGill University, Canada

SCAN mini-symposia begin at 11am EDT. Talks are ~ 20 minutes, with plenty of time for questions and a focus on elevating early career researchers. Kindly register here and we will keep you posted with updates, including the Zoom link. Also consider joining us on Slack.

Best wishes,

Lori Holt
Bharath Chandrasekaran
Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

SCAN Organizers

Maria Chait
Fred Dick

SCAN Conference Provocateurs