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[AUDITORY] Please help with my final listening experiment



Thank you so much to everyone who took part in my last online experiment your input has been really useful.


I have one final online experiment, similar to the last only shorter, that should take less than four minutes of your time.  It’s fine to take part in this one whether you’ve done the previous one or not.


You simply need to listen to six very short (and almost identical) clips and rate them (you will need to do this on a laptop or desktop with headphones, tablets and phones will not work, there is a short headphone check task before you begin the experiment).

It's completely anonymous and all instructions are provided.

Just click on this link to begin:




Please can you make time to do this?  I do need a large amount of data.  Your help is very much appreciated.


Kind regards





Patrick Ainsworth

Course Leader | BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance and Production

Faculty of Creative Industries, Architecture and Engineering

Solent University

T: 02382 016503 



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