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[AUDITORY] Advice on auditory enrichment set up for mice

Dear Auditory List,


Our laboratory (http://hosting.med.upenn.edu/hearing) studies neuronal mechanisms for auditory processing and learning in mice. We use black6 mice crossed to cdh23 knockin mice (for improved hearing). We would like to set up sound enrichment for the mice in their home cages. Currently, we plan to put speakers in the shelving units but outside the cages. We would like to get advice on what sounds we should present, at what sound pressure level and for how long/at what times. We are leaning toward some type of natural sound that would span high frequencies and run for several hours/day. I was wondering whether anyone has set up sound enrichment in their laboratory for mice and what sounds you used. Any pointers toward a database of natural sounds and other advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Ruoyi Chen