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Re: [AUDITORY] Advise on coupling pre-amp to insert earphones

Hello Liam,

my advice would be to rely on the on-board headphone amplifier of the RME FireFace 400...the ER-3C are rather "easy" to drive, and the RME headphone amps are excellent. I don't remember specifically the FireFace 400 model, but I believe it has a digitally controlled headphone level, so that you can calibrate that and get repeatable results.


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Dear Auditory List,


I will be adding a set of etymotic ER-3C insert earphones (50 Ohm) to my EEG set-up. I am currently considering how best to link these up to my HiFi system. Specifically what spec pre-amp I should find to couple the earphones with. I am intending on presenting both computer-generated signals as well as using a microphone for online auditory feedback. I have a RME FireFace 400 audio interface between the computer, microphone and the headphones. I am looking for a pre-amp that will generate excellent SNR. Any suggestions or advise on setting up this interface would be greatly appreciated.