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Opportunities for AuD's with an interest in clinical work and clinical research in Australia

Dear List

Opportunities for AuD's  to come to Australia.   Our company, Blamey Saunders is a hearing aid manufacturer, with direct to client clinics,  pioneering tele-audiology services in Australia. Our hearing aids are designed so that they can be self fit, or so that people can choose the level of support they need.  Our HQ is in Melbourne.  We plan to open a few other clinics across Australia. 
Our clinics employ  outstanding audiologists, who can manage the audiological and auditory rehabilitation needs of complex clients and also have a training and research component.  There is opportunity for student supervision of research projects. We work with a number of University programs.
We are seeking qualified  enthusiastic AuD's who would enjoy being part of a growing, Australian hearing aid and audiology company.
Dr Elaine Saunders BSc MSc(ClinAudiol) PhD GAICD GradDipMgt(Tech)
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology, Swinburne University

Managing Director 
364 Albert Street, East Melbourne
Victoria 3002, Australia
Skype: escalls32