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Job Available - Architectural Auralization

Dear group,

A position for an auralization specialist is coming available in my research group. In addition to developing new auralization systems, main duties include producing auralizations of architectural spaces via a 12-channel loudspeaker array and head-tracked headphones. Work is currently conducted using Max/MSP and EASE, though other options will be considered. An understanding of room acoustics and architectural construction methods would be helpful.

The Specialist Modelling Group is a research and development consultancy within the architecture firm Foster+Partners. The group's role is to research and develop tools and methodologies to support and refine the design process. We directly support projects by modelling, coding, analysing and visualising complex problems. The group has long term research projects with universities and other companies and is heavily involved in many design competitions. We are now stepping up our efforts to integrate environmental and engineering analysis with our design tools. The group is involved in many projects, from urban master planning to furniture design.

We are seeking an acoustician to contribute to a wide variety of research and architectural design projects. Current research in acoustics includes virtual and augmented reality presentations, wave-based and geometric acoustic simulation techniques, acoustic visualization, spatial microphone array measurements, active noise cancellation, and directional loudspeaker technologies.  Candidates with experience in psychoacoustics,  automotive or aeronautic acoustics, sound design, architectural acoustic consulting, gaming, interactivity, or user experience are all welcome to apply. Excellent presentation skills are essential. Software experience with Max/Msp, acoustic simulation packages (CATT, EASE), Unity 3d, Rhinoceros 3d, Grasshopper and coding skills in Matlab,C#,or Python are helpful.

Please contact me: probinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for more information.

Philip W. Robinson
Environmental Design Analyst - Acoustics
Specialist Modelling Group
Foster + Partners
Riverside, 22 Hester Road
London SW11 4AN
T  +44 (0)20 7943 6191 
E  probinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx