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permanent research position in Cambridge

We at the Cognition & Brian Sciences Unit are advertising for two Programme Leader Track scientists. One of these positions is open to scientists in any field of our research, including hearing.

Details of the position can be found here:



Just to whet your appetite, here’s an extract from the ad:


The MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (CBU) is an internationally renowned research institute of cognitive neuroscience. Onsite facilities include MRI and MEG scanners, a hearing laboratory, and a developmental research centre for children. The CBU currently has 13 research programmes organised within four research areas of attention and cognitive control, hearing and language, memory and perception, and mental health. It is also a stakeholder in a clinical research facility and a new 7T ultra high field MRI scanner, both of which are located nearby at the Addenbrooke’s Biomedical Campus in Cambridge.

We are seeking to appoint two Programme Leader Track scientists to direct their own research programmes. The successful applicants will be early career researchers who have already shown evidence of the ability to lead independent research and have a strong commitment to developing collaborative opportunities within the CBU and the University of Cambridge. The proposed new programmes should be innovative and theory-led, meet international criteria for research quality, and employ the best in contemporary research methods that takes full advantage of the excellent local research infrastructure.

The first programme will add to existing CBU translational research strengths in clinically-relevant areas including (but not restricted to) mental health, neuropsychology, and cognitive developmental disorders. The second programme may fall within any of the broad areas of current CBU research.


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Dr. Bob Carlyon

Deputy Director

MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit

15 Chaucer Rd.

Cambridge CB2 7EF


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