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Sr. Speech and Audio Research Engineer @ SONOS

We are looking for few experienced Audio Research Engineer with different backgrounds but a common deep technical background in audio & speech signal processing to join our team.

If you are passionate about sound, innovation, smart homes, smart interfaces, and want to amplify your career and make a big impact on a high-growth company, then Sonos is just the place for you.

We're a global team looking for the best talent - no matter where. This job has the option of working from either our Boston, MA, or Santa Barbara, CA office. For the right individual, Sonos will offer relocation reimbursement to either office.

* What You’ll Do

- You will research, design, and prototype future Sonos audio and speech processing systems.

- You will help drive innovation and push the boundaries of what audio and speech signal processing can achieve.

* Qualifications required

- M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics.

- 2+ year (Ph.D. level) or 5+ years (M.Sc.) of direct speech/audio systems experience with strong background in DSP.

- Proven track record of delivering innovative solutions in speech and audio algorithm development (as shown through patent, publications, talks, etc.).

- Proven ability of working effectively in complex interdisciplinary environments with good familiarity of engineering practices (e.g., revision control software, SCRUM, etc.).

* Experience in one or more of these areas is a definite plus:

- Speech recognition systems and toolkits (e.g., Kaldi, HTK)

- Wave field synthesis, advanced multi speaker rendering techniques, active sound field control.

- Human auditory perception, in particular spatial & spectral perception, loudness, sound quality.

- Perceptual evaluation and subjective testing of products.

- Multichannel speech enhancement (beamforming, noise reduction, echo cancellation, source separation).

- Audio and speech classification.
- Loudspeaker measurement and correction (nonlinear system identification, loudspeaker modeling and enhancement).

- Room acoustics and speaker/room interaction (automatic room EQ compensation).

For more information, feel free to contact me (daniele.giacobello@xxxxxxxxx), our hiring manager Klaus Hartung (klaus.hartung@xxxxxxxxx), or our lead recruiter Amanda Roodman (amanda.roodman@xxxxxxxxx).