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Ph.D. positions in auditory cognition

Could you please pass along the following information to potentially interested students or colleagues? Thank you so much! Apologies for cross-posting. 

Ph.D. Positions in auditory cognition at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

We are currently considering applicants for Ph.D. study in Experimental Psychology at University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience and Auditory Cognitive Development Labs. We have facilities supporting adult and child psychophysics (perceptual judgment, sensory-motor synchronization), adult and child electrophysiology (high-density EEG recordings), and infant perception (looking time procedures). Opportunities also exist for transcranial magnetic and electrical brain stimulation, and functional brain imaging. Across the two labs we address basic questions about auditory scene analysis, auditory memory, change detection, music perception (rhythm and beat processing), music acquisition and enculturation in infancy and childhood, and comparisons of music and language. Interested potential applicants with appropriate qualifications (bachelor’s or master’s degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Computer Science, or other related disciplines) are encouraged to visit the ACNL or ACDL web sites for further information about our research, email the lab directors (erin.hannon@xxxxxxxxjoel.snyder@xxxxxxxx) with any questions, and apply directly to the UNLV graduate school. For more information on UNLV, the Ph.D. program, and each lab, please see links below. 


UNLV Grad School: http://www.unlv.edu/graduatecollege

UNLV Experimental Psychology Ph.D. program: http://www.unlv.edu/psychology/graduateprograms/phd-experimental

ACNL: http://faculty.unlv.edu/jsnyder

ACDL: https://faculty.unlv.edu/ehannon/


Erin E. Hannon
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway #455030
Las Vegas, NV 89154-5030

phone: 702-895-4687
fax: 702-895-0195