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Re: history of hearing science reference

Dear Valeriy, 

I would highly recommend Veit Erlmann's 'Reason and Resonance: A History of Modern Aurality' particularly as a critical historical account of sound and epistemology. 



By hQi Phone

On 30 Aug 2016, at 23:39, Valeriy Shafiro <firosha@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear list members,

I am looking for suggestions for your favorite book, article or chapter that provides a comprehensive treatment of the history of hearing science that I could use in a graduate level course.  Most hearing science textbooks that I have seen go straight to the description of acoustic and perceptual phenomena and underlying physiology with an occasional historical anecdote.  I have seen some interesting and useful history overviews in works introducing new paradigms and theoretical perspectives such as John Neuhoff's Ecological Psychoacoustics or Arlinger's et al. The emergence of cognitive hearing science.  However, beyond that I have not seen much on the history of hearing science that would introduce major developments, questions, ideas. Maybe this is because hearing science is still young and is not a tightly defined discipline with its history scattered across other fields, but I am curious if something has already been written.