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Perceptual Research Scientist @ Oculus Research

Perception is at the center of our research, as it informs our work in displays, audio, optics, and practically every other area. As a Perceptual Research Scientist at Oculus Research in Redmond WA, you’ll be tackling the scientific challenges that define cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality, addressing heretofore-unanswered questions in psychoacoustics, auditory perception, and multi-sensory integration. This involves both applied and basic science, as they inform our research directions and identify opportunities for revolutionary experiences. We’re committed to a whole-system, multidisciplinary approach to perceptual research, and both collaborate with academic institutions and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Projects take advantage of internal resources in mechanical, electrical, optical, and software engineering, allowing us to confront scientific questions which cannot be addressed with existing equipment.

Perceptual Research Scientist (Psychoacoustics/Audiovisual)

Tony Miller
Oculus Research