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Acoustic stealth awareness - hunting for papers

Hello list members,


My PhD research is investigating auditory fitness for duty in military personnel. Specifically, I am investigating the impact of hearing impairment on acoustic stealth awareness. This refers to situations where it is important to be quiet to remain undetected by a nearby enemy, and how having a hearing loss might affect this ability. As far as I am aware there is limited literature on this type of auditory situation, and wonder if anyone may be able to point me towards relevant papers?


I believe a core task involved is the ability to predict the intensity of a sound at a target’s location when you are generating the sound yourself (e.g. talking, walking on gravel, etc.), therefore allowing you to predict how loud you can be without the target hearing. My literature searches so far have returned very little, but I wonder if I’m using the wrong terminology, or missing some old school papers?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks




Matt Blyth

PhD Candidate

Hearing and Balance Centre

Institute of Sound and Vibration Research

University of Southampton

Southampton, SO171BJ