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Re: EEG trigger - technical question

Hi Bastian,

We developed a box that uses the SPDIF digital channel of an RME sound card to send triggers to a 8-bit TTL Neuroscan trigger input port. It works flawlessy and jitter seems to be as low as 1/fs as far as I am concerned. Would you be interested in this? 
Have a great day, from sunny Sydney!


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Subject: EEG trigger - technical question

Hi everyone!

I have a rather specific and technical question - before starting to develop something from scratch:

Is there a commercially available solution to translate a digital audio signal (preferrably from an ADAT channel, otherwise SPDIF) into parallel TTL (ie "printer port")? I am looking for something (let's call it "THE
BOX") that does not require too much overhead in terms of devices.

Some background information:
We want to send our EEG trigger as a digital number on the sound card in one channel, along with two channels containing the stimulus. So "THE BOX" needs to decode the digital signal/number and encodes it onto 0/5V on a d-sub connector - without jitter!

We do have a box that does it with SPDIF, but I wonder if that is possible with ADAT directly? Looking into audio forums, it seems doable, I just couldn't find someone that actually did it. And as I said - before digging into digital electronics...it looks like a fun project though.

Any pointers welcome and (of course) I would be willing to share a concise summary if there is interest.

Thanks in advance and a wonderful day to everyone from sunny Copenhagen!



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