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Professor with specific responsibilities (MSO) in the research field Hearing Rehabilitation

Professor with specific responsibilities (MSO) in the research field Hearing Rehabilitation (50116)

At the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University, a position as Professor with Specific Responsibilities in the research field of Hearing Rehabilitation is open for appointment from November 1st, 2016 or soon thereafter. The position is available for a period of 4½ years, with an evaluation after 4 years.

Job description

The position is a part of, and financed by, the BEAR (Better Hearing Rehabilitation) research project. This project is a collaboration between, among other, The Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital. The position is intended to bridge the technical sciences to the clinical environment, and to establish a new field by including the current research environments from both Faculties.

About the department

The Department of Clinical Medicine conducts research within all the clinical medical disciplines and provides teaching resources in all subject fields at the Faculty of Medicine of Aalborg University. The Department of Clinical Medicine has 40 affiliated research units organized in a series of cross-disciplinary research programs, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and neurological disorders as well a large group of statisticians, data managers, and bioinformaticians working in various multidisciplinary projects. 

The Department of Clinical Medicine is housed in connection the Aalborg Hospital Science and Innovation Centre located close to Aalborg University Hospital, South. 

About the position

The position requires qualifications in research related to human sound perception, hearing diagnosis, hearing aid fitting strategies, evaluation of performance in real life, and outcome measures. Clinical experience is favorable, and academic degrees in the broad field of audiology required. The applicant must document extensive research experience in audiology. The specific responsibilities of the MSO professorship involve developing the research field of clinical, technical audiology including the entire value chain from first patient contact to end-user satisfaction.

We expect the applicant to:

  • Develop the mentioned research field in agreement with the project plans of BEAR collaboratively with partners, which also include Odense University Hospital, University of Southern Denmark, The Technical University of Denmark, DELTA, Oticon, GN Resound, and Widex,
  • Develop methodologies in view of current best practice in Denmark and abroad, and
  • Contribute to the ongoing revision and renewal of bachelor and master programs with elements of audiology.

You may obtain further professional information from Head of Department Søren Pihlkjær Hjortshøj at (+45) 9766 6245. Information about the BEAR project can be obtained from Professor Dorte Hammershøi, Department of Electronic Systems dh@xxxxxxxxx or phone (+45) 9940 8705.

For more information about qualification requirements and instructions for application, please see full announcement here:


Apologies for cross-postings.

Dorte Hammershøi
Prof. Ph.D.
Aalborg University