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Re: Auditory Imagery Task

We did a similar task using musical instrumental timbres and multidimensional scaling:

Halpern, A.R., Zatorre, R.J., Bouffard, M., Johnson*, J.A. (2004) Behavioral and neural correlates of perceived and imagined timbre. Neuropsychologia, 42, 1281-1292.

Hope that helps

Robert Zatorre
Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University
fax: 514-398-1338

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Dear Francesca,

As part of a study on the perceptual structure of environmental sounds, I had participants imagine environmental sounds and rate their similarity.  I found the resulting similarity matrix closely resembled the similarity matrix of environmental sounds which were actually heard.  I have attached the paper which describes these and a couple of other studies on environmental sounds.  If you like, I can send you the protocol for the imagined sound experiment, and feel free to ask me any questions.

Best of luck,


On April 28, 2016 at 2:41 AM Francesca Talamini <francesca.talamini@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear List,
I am a PhD student in psychology from University of Padua (Italy), I am looking for
a auditory imagery task for non musical stimuli (e.g., environmental
sounds, speech), unfortunately I couldn't find anything through database

I will be grateful for any help and suggestion.

Thank you for your attention and kind regards.

Francesca Talamini